DJ Vadim
USSR: Reconstruction

Label: Ninja Tune Format: Albums Release date: February 1998

USSR: Reconstruction


DJ Vadim The Schematics (Part Mie) (Jamie Hodge Remix) 3:16
DJ Vadim Theme From Conquest Of The Irrational (Remix By The Prunes) 4:42
DJ Vadim Lord Forgive Me (Doomsday Line Mix By The Bug) 4:22
Herbaliser, The Conquest Of The Irrational (Vads Dad Diversion) 6:25
DJ Vadim Vad Forgive Me (Bullfrog Kid Koala Mix) 4:36
Vadim* vs. Daniel Pemberton Beyond Thought 5:42
DJ Vadim U.S.S.R. Reconstruction (Oval Remix) 4:15
DJ Vadim Featuring Starving Artists* Abstractions (Remixed By Jupiter Jam) 4:47
DJ Vadim Variations In U.S.S.R. (DJ Krush Remix) 6:14
DJ Vadim U.S.S.R. Repertoire (Clatterbox Remix) 6:21
DJ Vadim Who The Hell Am I? (Animals On Wheels Remix) 7:23
DJ Vadim Variations In U.S.S.R. (Reflection Mix) 7:15
Vadim* & Sycophants, The More Melodies In Vertical Theory 5:27
DJ Vadim Variations In U.S.S.R. (Silent Poets Mix) 6:18