Life Is Moving


1 Toot Toot (Freestyle)  
2 Overloaded  
3 We Rollin  
4 Sometimes  
5 So Now You Know  
6 Beautifull
Featuring – Yarah Bravo
7 Life Is Moving
Featuring – Abstract Rude
8 You Can Try  
9 Hands Up  
10 I'm All In  
11 The Way It Is  
12 Running  
13 Electric Company  
14 Questions Questions  



DJ Vadim presents The Electric
Life Is Moving

Label: Organically Grown Sounds Format: Albums Release date: March 2011

DJ Vadim, the renowned DJ, producer, record label impresario and air-miles millionaire, known for travelling the globe in search of the perfect beat, has once again united a collective of superb individualistic artists to make a truly international super-group – The Electric. Written on the road as the DJ Vadim tour for ‘U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun’ travelled from town to town, city to city, country to country, the influences and moods of this journey are reflected in his music. Though The Electric was born out of a huge international tour, this is not just another release of a tirelessly productive musician. It’s a personal accomplishment and a gripping conversation with his new collaborators. Comprising of Pugs Atomz (Chicago's finest upcoming MC), UK sultry soul-stress Sabira Jade and of course Daddy Vad, this is more than just sick production, soul, broken beats, or battle raps. Life is Moving is more than just another ‘indie’ rap record; it’s neither underground nor some passing star spangled new music fad. This is music that will start a conversation and weave it with a captivating story, filled with emotions, break-ups, beauty and celebration. Balancing fun with raw emotion, it’s an album of these times, it’s about real people asking real questions about what it is to be alive today, being human amongst so much change, of living and loving, seeking and yearning, and Pugs and Sabira capture these essences in their mesmeric and captivating styles with charm and sincerity, and more than a wry smile on their face. This is a life affirming album and proud of it, not afraid of expressing joy and positivity at life. 

‘The Electric for me are songs that are filled with more joy, more sadness, more triumph, more faith in the supernatural, much deeper feelings’ DJ Vadim 

‘Life is Moving’ is more than just the great catch phrases, or driving pulse riddims and bashy bass-lines that lay within it, this is modern soul music taken to the next level. Vadim’s varied and playful production style takes influences from iconic sounds of the 70s, 80s, through to the present and beyond, yielding a futuristic sound that is tinged with vintage dust. It’s got big drums, cranking vintage synths and Moogs, dark moody passages, upbeat moments and some straight-up bugged out-ness too and the songs speak from the heart whether they’re sung, rapped or spoken. This isn’t a throwback to sounds from ages past; The Electric embodies a passion, and Pugs, Sabira and Vadim have molded a futuristic, next level amalgam of their fire to create the warmth in your chest when you hear a song that speaks to you.