USSR: The Art of Listening


Till Suns In Your Eyes (Vocal) (feat. Motion Man)

It's On (feat. Vakill)

She Who is Tested (feat. Yarah Bravo)

Combustible (feat. Gift Of Gab)

Ghetto Rebels (feat. Phi-Life Cypher)

Revelations Well Expounded (feat. Kela and Ulzula Duoziak)

The Harp Song

The Pacifist (feat. Yarah Bravo)

In Control vol 3 (feat. DJ Plus One)

Too Fun Aiye (feat. Ade Soma and G Ruff)

Who Me (feat. Demolition Man)

Something To Feel? (feat. Task Force and Mr. Thing)

L'art d'Ecouter (feat. TTC)

That Which is Coming (feat. Rev'd Clevie Brown)

Edie Brikell (Album Version) (feat. Slug)

DJ Vadim
USSR: The Art of Listening

Label: Ninja Tune Format: Albums Release date: September 2002