USSR: The Art of Listening (Instrumentals)


A1 She Who Is Tested 4:10
A2 Poemless 3:00
A3 Edie Brikell 2:50
A4 Ball Of Crows 4:15
A5 Y2K 2:47
B1 Hold Up 4:00
B2 Y2K (Remix) 2:50
B3 The Correct Size 3:05
B4 Ich Darf Nicht Mehr 3:15
B5 In Control Vol. 3 0:50
C1 The Pacifist 5:24
C2 Jazzy Sarah 5:36
C3 L'Art D'Ecouter 4:43
C4 A New Day 3:12
D1 Leaches 2:50
D2 Who Me 3:03
D3 Up To Jah (Remix) 2:30
D4 Something To Feel 3:45
D5 Colanize-Nation 3:50

DJ Vadim
USSR: The Art of Listening (Instrumentals)

Label: Ninja Tune Format: Albums Release date: September 2002