black is the night pt3

05 July 2024
Just released the 2nd single from Soundcatcher 2.0 . this is a reversion re think of the classic black is th enight ft the amazing Kathrin DeBoer

my tribute amapiano mixtape

13 June 2024
i was in east africa in May and i was very inspired by the local music scene and what ppl where bumping so i made a tribute to some hotness coming from South and east africa via London to the world in themix

dj vadim - got to rock

13 June 2024
This is the first single taken from the upcoming project - soundcatcher 2.0 . this is a re make of my classic album that came out in 2007. i re voiced re mastered remixed re arrange dmany of the original trax and included 4 previously unreleased jems from 2007. features…

new daddy vad single

18 May 2024
new daddy  vad single ft C-Wyne from uganda. takien from an upcoming album recorded in east africa!   

getting `High with Dub Fx

23 July 2023
sitting in the the airport in the middle of nowhere waiting to go to a secret garden party, but u are somewhere and my 102nd. yes 102nd single dropped this weekend. its called 'high' ft dub fx. and it isnt just about the sticky ickey but about life in general…

the mixtape 4 ya summer

24 June 2023
the essential smokers soul selection 4 ragadozo!   i made a mix for the first day of summer. its up on youtube and mixcloud on my channels but for the first time i wanted to present just the tracks because ppl always ask me what am i playing. Well this…

dans la rue!

12 June 2023
i am very proud to present my latest single out june 2023 featuring long time french friend and mc partner - big red from the mighty raggasonic  crew. also in toe is uk 5 star general durrty goodz bringing that grimey flow. all taken from the upcoming album - dj…


18 February 2022
MY BRAND NEW 'ALBUM FEEL UP VOL. 1' IS OUT ON 18 FEB!   I couldn't even tell how many albums there have been, but I really love this body of work. It started as little sketches in Barcelona and quite quickly turned into 40 tracks! … Couldn't put them…


05 May 2021
Let me introduce Loopmasters: Tropical Dancehall to you! This is an audio sample pack with loops and one-shots (individual sounds of drums, kick drums, snare drums, hi-hats, percussion of basslines, guitars, keyboards, flutes, saxophones, bells, accordions, harmonicas and vocal snippets and sound bites...) 1.2 gigabytes of sounds to get you…

Dj Vadim's Tiny Café Concerts Vol.1 - Sena Dagadu

20 April 2021
Let me present you the very first episode of what is hopefully going to evolve to a series... Tiny Café Concerts is a simple idea: a tiny café and two musicians, but what can and will happen in this cozy setup is hopefully even beyond our imagination. Sena and I…


20 April 2021
For those who have been following my career shouldn't come as a surprise that I am a huuuuuuge fan of visual arts, and how I always work together with talented artists wherever life takes me.   Now I'm here in Budapest, and had this idea to pimp my Box Sets…


20 April 2021
So my brand new collab with Vyper Ranking is out now! A few moons ago, about 10 perhaps, I met David. He told me he was going on a East Africa adventure and asked me wether I wanted to sign up... I saw later that Mungo's Hi Fi went there,…


26 June 2020
I am very proud to present my new album  Lost & Found. It is a compilation of forgotten, lost tracks hiding behind the cupboard. No this isn't some throw away tracks that didn't make the cut, B sides or unfinished sketches. These are wicked tracks that even I wonder why they…

U.S.S.R The Art Of Listening LP Is Back In Stock

29 May 2020
Verified I released this album 21 years ago on Ninjatune. Got kicked out of the USA for making the terrorist song. Now the album is available again on a very limited vinyl from my bandcamp shop. Comes with free download too. It’s going to go like hot cakes. 

Lockdown Gang Session

29 April 2020
  I am playing live from my studio dricetly to you evey Wednesday and Sunday. Tune in on YouTube, IG, Mixcloud, Twitch TV  Wednesday's 9pm CET / 8pm GMT / 3pm EST  Sunday's 7pm CET / 6pm GMT / 1pm EST  Hope to see you guys there.  Big Up

Can You Buy Me A Coffee Please ?

29 April 2020
  I love music and I love to play and if you can't come then I can't play....  We are all living under strange dangerous times... there are no clubs, festivals etc for the forseeable future so if you like the vibes, the mixes and tunes, feeling the love and…

Pre Order your LP Now!!

04 January 2020
Finally out on glorious vinyl. The new album is here! DJ Vadim VS Fat Freddy's Drop - Flashback.  Now you can pre-order it here !!  There are ONLY 99 copies available worldwide so this is super limited edition. Shipping is around the 20th of January. 


02 November 2019
Wow!! The album only came out today in the morning and it is already number 7 in the UK reggae charts, 9 in the USA reggae charts, 16 in Sweden, 13 new music iTunes chart. Ranking in top 50 on Deezer, Google Paly...Thank you so much to everyone who has…

This Friday First Single Coming Out

22 October 2019
This Friday I release the first single from the new project with Fat Freddy's Drop a remix / re fix album of some of my favourite tunes of theirs. Out of the 1st of November. First comes Ernie available on all digital platforms 25th October. The album is a collaborative affair between me and…

DJ Vadim Australia & New Zealand Tour

26 September 2019
DJ Vadim  is coming to Australia & New Zealand !!!   November  28 - Bungalow - Queenstown - New Zealand  29 - The Glasshouse - Christchurch - New Zealand  30 - Saint Alice - Auckland - New Zealand  December  01 - San Fran - Wellington - New Zealand  05 - Zoo Bar - Canberra…