brand new album on wax!


28 September 2018
New album out now on black crack vinyl double LP Dubcatcher 3 for all fiends reggae, hiphop available on my Bandcamp new 12” and 7” too!!

DJ Vadim - Mi Gwarn ft Claire Angel

28 September 2018
I met Claire whilst dj'g for Ras Demo at his launch party a few years ago where he invited loads of guests. All amazing but she blew me away. Had 2 work with her. Deep lyrics, wide styles sing jay and dee jay ... Taken from the album Dubcatcher 3 - FLames…

Flames Up - Dubcatcher 3 Mixtape

24 September 2018
This is a megamix of the new album out now - Dj Vadim - Dubcatcher 3 in a mixtape stylee. Featuring vocalist from TOK, Ward 21, Mr. Lexx, Jamalski, Earl 16, Jman, Killa P, Irah 2017, Zumbi (Zion I), Abstract Rude , Claire Angel and many more. Out now on digital, wax…

DJ Vadim - Manipulators ft Earl 16

22 September 2018
Always loved the classic Jamaican voice of Earl 16. still sounding sweet as ever and always on point with a message about those manipulators pulling at your heart strings... Taken from the album Dubcatcher 3 out on Soulbeats records - wax/ cd/ digi release worldwide 09/21/2018 except UK. UK release 10/05/2018.


16 September 2018
New album Dubcatcher 3 out in 2 weeks and i'm going on tour to celebrate wid some wicked mc's Jman - Inja, Ras Demo and more!!! First UK tour, then rest of europe.  UK tour dates and tickets here!

DJ Vadim - Corrupted ft Big Red / Jman / Sr.Wilson

13 September 2018
Featuring Mr Raggasonic NTM crew Paris french legend Big Red with rudeboy Jman repping UK and Sr. WIlson from Barcelona Pon The Coro. Taken from the album DUBCATCHER 3  ut on Soulbeats Records - wax/ cd/ digi release worldwide 09/21/2018 except UK. UK release 10/05/2018.

DJ Vadim - Rude Boy ft Lion D / Raphael / Syross

13 September 2018
Featuring the amazing Raphael, LIon D and Syross, Rude boy likka shot. We got the swagga! Taken from the forthcoming album - Dubcatcher 3 out on Soulbeats Records - wax/ cd/ digi release worldwide 09/21/2018 except UK. UK release 10/05/2018. 

New School Rap Mixtape

13 September 2018
Juggling strictly new school rap from new Pusha T, Kanye, Nas Thro to Xxxtentacion, Steflon Don, and Ragnbone Man.

Dj Vadim - DJ Vadim- Jah Flames Up ft Jman / Navigator / Inja / Galak Spiritual / Sr.Wilson

03 September 2018
Featuring Jman, Navigator,Inja , Galak Spiritual and Sr. Wilson on the hook. Taken from the forthcoming album - Dubcatcher 3 -Flames Up - out on Soul Beats Records Sept 21 2018 - dbl vinyl/ CD + digital runnings.. 

DJ Vadim - Nuff Years ft Ras Demo

24 August 2018
Featuring long time compadre and partner from North London Ras Demo AKA Demolition Man who has been mashing up the dancehalls ince the 90's ... Story about nuff years inna the game inna the dancehall! Taken from the album - Dubcatcher 3 out - September 21

Dj Vadim - Yung N Powerfull ft Bay C / Zumbi / Ab Rude / Irah

21 August 2018
Featuring Bay C (TOK) , Zumbi (Zion I), Abstract Rude and Irah (Killa Army) hip hop meets dancehall vs 80s digital riddim. Taken from the album - Dubcatcher 3 out sept 21 2018

Dj Vadim - Dead 2 US ft Mr LEXX

15 August 2018
Dubcatcher 3 is coming!! Featuring dancehall champion , Mr Barritone from JA - MR LEXX. Taken from the album #dubcatcher3 out on soulbeats records - wax/ cd/ digi sept 21 - 2018

Reggae X Grime Mixtape

15 August 2018
Blendin newschool REGGAE X GRIME RAP

Summer 18 Vibes Mixtape

02 July 2018
My summer festival mix wherever u may go! Hip hop, reggae jungle, party vibes. Foot to the metal 100% hands up.

Riddim Killa Mixtape!!!

12 June 2018
I decided for this new mix to go all instrumental, all my production, riddim 4 riddim. Hip hop, bass, reggae, dancehall. So get ya raps, poems, songs at the ready or write something or just bop along to some unreleased music….

Dj Vadim Ft Macka B - Control U 7"

12 June 2018
Here is a special sinppet edit of a limited edition vinyl only release from my breddah DJ Choice's label in Roma. It's gonna be on Dubcatcher 3 coming out September 2018 but a slightly different version so this is the exclusive. Available on 7" from my Bandcamp.

Medication Mixtape

11 May 2018
Reggae, dancehall, jungle Medication Mix

Take Over Mixtape!

04 April 2018
All new music 2017/18 rap to dancehall to flex to..

Tight Up Skirt Jammys Mixtape

28 February 2018
  Jump up tight up ya skirt mix to swag out, party hard n drop it low inna danceall ragga hiphop flavour. Newschool and oldies.

War Mixtape!!!

18 February 2018
 War Mixtape!!!