brand new album on wax!

O.G. Legends Of Reggae Mixtape

18 February 2018
  Some of my favourite oldschool 70's / 80's reggae jams... hold tight all rub a dub fans dem!

Rumble Inna Mi Jungle Mixtape

18 February 2018
  Brand new 2017 jungle inna da mix

Rap X Reggae - The New School Mixtape

18 February 2018

BEST OF 2017

19 December 2017
WOOO!! No 4 biggest show of 2017 on Mixcloud and no 6 most listened to mix to boot! Thank You, Gracias, Grazie, Merci, Danke, Arigato, Obrigado, Dzieki Tak, Big Up Posse n Effect!

DJ Vadim & Blackstone - No No No

10 October 2017
A re cover version of the dawn penn classic. Featuring the amazing Katrina Blackstone CA ALL DAY!!! Taken from the album double sided. Out 20/10/17

Dj Vadim & Blackstone - Double Sided

01 October 2017
Featuring the amazing Katrina Blackstone. CA ALL DAY!!! Taken from the album Double Sided.  OUT 20/10/17 on BBE Music

Dj Vadim & Blackstone - Choose

01 October 2017
Featuring the amazing Katrina Blackstone and Aima The Dreamer. CA ALL DAY!!! Taken from the album Double Sided.  OUT 20/10/17 ON BBE Music!!

Double Sided Mixtape

01 October 2017
  A 10 min megmix of the new album with Katrina Blackstone out on BBE music on 20/10/17

Dip Dip Grime n Rap Mixtape

01 October 2017
  Get ya skank on wid some bashy grime n rap

Rudboy Skank Mixtape

02 August 2017
      2 2 twang rudeboy skank, bring me a rush on a tonic. New school ruedboy reggae with some oldschool gems thrown in for good measure. Protoje to Kabaka Pyramid, Ras Demo, Skarra Mucci and more...

Dj Vadim & Katrina Blackstone - Luv 2 Luv

11 July 2017
  The first single taken from the Dj Vadim & Katrina Blackstone Album - Double Sided

Turn It Up Mixtape

12 June 2017
  This is my new summer rap meets dancehall meets soul mixtape. Turn it up!!

Spring Dancehall Jump Out Mixtape

21 April 2017
  Warmin ya things up 4 summer. Bruk out and drop low spril dancehall jump off.

Cowboy Fe Dead ft Tomawok

11 April 2017
  A reversion of Raggamuffin soldier taken from Dubcatcher 2 featuring french Rudeboy Tomawok....

Dj Vadim Presents - Brapp Beat Tape 01

25 March 2017
    The Brapp Beat Tape series celebrates the thousands of producers around the world sharing their incredible beats on Brapp everyday. All of the tracks featured are also on the Brapp platform for anyone to record on top and be discovered. The release includes full versions of each instrumental and…

Piff Reggae Rap Mixtape

24 February 2017
    A mix of mostly new 2016/2017 music inna reggae rap style. Piff cos its all crack! Get skanking!

Strength Of A Lion ft Galak Spiritual

09 February 2017
Good vibes reversion ft Galak Spiritual (Unit 137) South London's finest.

Hempolics - Me Love To Sing - Dj Vadim Remix ft Taiwan MC

28 January 2017
I did this mix 2 years ago but the label messed them around. I really love the original plus Mungo’s Hi Fi  remix  is  sick wicked group. Check them out The Hempolics.

New Legends Of Reggae Mixtape

13 January 2017
  I wanted to do a mix highlighting the many new school brilliant voices of the last 10 years or so plus 1 lil remix i did last year of a legend!  Pull up my selector BOOM TUNE!

Judgement Hempolics Remix

06 January 2017
  Wicked remix inna old school revival way. Taken from the remix album Dubcatcher 2 remixes out now!!